Simple Graphic Design for The Classroom

I’d love to incorporate an aspect of Graphic Design in my sixth grade math lab class. I can do launch by making the math connection with patterns, repetitions, and contrasts.

I Am Claudius

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.56.27 PMIf you frequent any sort of social media site like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+, chances are you have posted an image or GIF to convey an idea, a thought, or a joke.  But using images to share ideas or speak with one another is not new.  Visual communication can be traced back to cave drawings in France, Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs, and pictographs used by the Aztecs.  Look at the chart below you can see how communication has progressed through time.  

visual-communicationWe continue to communicate with image and pictures only now digitally.  Unless you have little ones at home, then you may get your own form of cave paintings on the wall!

The sun, blue sky - child drawing on the wall. And the portrait of a happy child with bright, the paint palmsUnless you’ve degreed in visual or graphic communications, creating appealing images or graphics may be challenging to many.  In this blog, I’ll share some graphic design tips that can help you have a better grasp at…

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