Google’s 8 Pillars of Innovation

the Justist

The greatest innovations are the ones we take for granted, like light bulbs, refrigeration and penicillin. But in a world where the miraculous very quickly becomes common-place, how can a company, especially one as big as Google, maintain a spirit of innovation year after year?

1. Have a mission that matters

Work can be more than a job when it stands for something you care about. Google’s mission is to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’  When Google starts working in a new area, it’s simply because there is a fundamental issue that hasn’t had any solution, and Google is there to make a difference using the technology they posses. Gmail was created to address the need for more web email functionality, great search and more storage.

2. Think big but start small

No matter how ambitious the plan, you have to roll up your…

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