“It’s time we talk.”


When we had a lull in our quiet evening, my husband told me, “It’s time we talk.” Well actually, he approached me saying, “Tengo que hablar contigo sobre algo grande. Fijate bien lo que te voy a decir.” We are a family that only speaks Spanish at home.

In light of reported fears of an upcoming mass deportation of immigrants, or as also referred to in US History as ‘repatriation’, my husband wanted to update our disaster plan to include what we should do if he is sent back to his birth country. The fear of being separated is real for so many immigrant families. So many of my own students are nervous, while others are silently panicking.

Yes, the fear is real. A 2015 NPR article makes the connection between then Presidential candidate Trump’s proprosal for deportation and the 1929 Repatriation Act.

Yes, the fear is real. Although Born in East LA is a comedy, the 1984 movie prososed the reality of a citizen who is rounded up in a deportation raid and sent to Tijuana.

Yes, the fear is real. There are people who go to Home Depot not with the intent to hire a day laborer, but rather scare the laborers by taking them to immigration.

Yes, the fear is real. Luis, a former student of mine, came to school that one cold morning, crying. His mother never came home from work the night before. Upon investigating, his mother was the passenger in the carpool, when the driver was pulled over. As a result, everyone was deported that same night. Thankfully, his grandparents lived about 30 minutes away, so he went to live with them.

Yes, the fear is real. My husband and I talked openly and have our action plan set. Yet, how many other families take the time to figure out what each person should do in the event of a disaster or life-changing event?


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