How would you answer the question?

I found this clip from a 2012 HBO program called The Newsroomvideo.
How would you answer the question?
The following was my response when a friend asked me.
Do I create a reality to make myself believe my country is the best? Is it the truth that my country WAS the best?
What has become of my country as I knew it? Is it a wasteland? Can it still be the promise of a bright future?
Why do so many people risk their lives and the lives of their children to come here? Do they not see the reality until it is too late to go back?
There is this part of our culture that has ingrained in us that individualism is inherent. Now individualism has become the thing we fear? How can we say we embrace individualism when we walk arm in arm with xenophobia?
Lately, we have forsaken our self-imposed duty of being big brother to other countries. Why have we succumbed to only being a protective big brother when it is only to our convenience? It feels like anything we do, we precede it by asking, “what’s in it for me?”
We punctuate our singing the national anthem with, “land of the free and home of the brave”, while it is becoming a cemetery riddled with broken hearts and grave filled with hate crimes.
I celebrate how our diversity is very beautiful and full of people who represent the love and friendship that makes us who we are. Nevertheless, we ignore the cancers of racism and classism because we love knowing that ignorance is bliss.
I think we need to roll up our sleeves, cover our heads, and prostrate ourselves in respect, humility, and submission before God.
I think that it is best to speak the truth in love, even if it may hurt for a while.



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